Rebekka Bakken presents a stirring Portrait of the Music on her Mind

Pop Magazine
5 min readJan 24, 2024
Rebekka Bakken

Singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, and producer. Award-winning recording artist Rebekka Bakken has many caps to wear and she wears every single one of them incredibly well. From her beginnings in various school bands to her latest album, “Always On My Mind”, she has proven time and time again that she has talent in spades. In an industry full of one-hit wonders and singers who disappear as fast as soap bubbles, the Norwegian artist has managed to build a successful career that spans over two decades since she released her debut solo album, “The Art Of How To Fall”, in 2003.

Pulling from many influences and gifted with a rich and sensual voice which is encompassing three octaves, Rebekka Bakken has built her very own musical world, song after song and album after album. She has consistently refused to be confined to a single genre, hopping easily from jazz, soul, and funk to pop, folk, and country. In her hands, the genre of a song doesn’t matter half as much as the feelings she manages to convey every single time with her unique voice and very personal musical arrangements.

Throughout her career, the versatile artist has collaborated with the likes of Austrian jazz guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel, with whom she toured the New York City nightclub scene in the early 2000s, poetic jazz singer and pianist…