Review: Desmond The Songwriter — Another Guess Coming

Pop Magazine
3 min readFeb 24, 2023
Desmond The Songwriter — Another Guess Coming

After his nomination for Emerging Artist Of The Year at the Pop Awards 2021 as a result of his unique debut album, “Happiness Is Priceless”, Desmond The Songwriter was inspired to start working on his sophomore project. Today, his new labor of love, titled “Another Guess Coming”, will be out for everyone to hear! Desmond The Songwriter, who is originally from Kingston, Jamaica, resides in New York City. He describes his music as a hybrid of reggae and soul. His beats come with a feel-good vibe and a lot of saxophone. His voice is soothing and his lyrics are diverse. He sings about love, peace, and community. I could definitely see myself in a dark bar moving my body to these tunes.

The second song on the album, called “Song Of Solomon (Tonsil Hockey)”, is a love song with a dash of humor. I found myself dancing from the minute the music started. The lyrics are catchy: “But for now won’t you play tonsil hockey with me / All I wanna do is lay, I wanna lay by your side all night and day / On your chest of milk and honey, honey / But for now won’t you just play tonsil hockey with me”. The song is sweet, and I definitely loved the beat!

The third song, “Mary Jane”, is not what I was expecting when I read the title. My first thought was that every artist seems to have a song about marijuana these days, but this song is different…